Chapter 1.35 is the forty-ninth chapter of Volume 1. It is the first chapter that is mainly written from the point of view of Krshia, as she deals with Erin.


Erin and Krshia continue their conversation from the previous chapter. From Erin descibing her homeworld, the talk shifts towards what Erin wants to achieve now. Most of all, she wants to return home, but Krshia dampens her hopes. She tells the human innkeeper about Wistram, but also about the gnoll grudge with the magic island.

As Erin returns to her inn in the evening, Krshia discusses the matter of Erin with the gnoll guard at the gate, revealing to the reader that she is a more important figure in Liscor's gnoll community than previously thought.

In front of the city gates, Erin names her skeleton Toren, and admonishes it for waiting at the gates instead of the inn. Back in her kitchen, she finds that Toren has cought several of the dangerous fishes from the stream, and she curses her bad luck.




  • Poisonous Fanged Fish

Statistics Revealed


  • Classes/Levels = [Skeleton Warrior] Lv. 2 (+1)
  • Skills = [Sword Fighting – Basic]
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