Chapter 1.36 is the fifty-second chapter of Volume 1.

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Erin is unhappy with her current situation and feels useless, needing to work on so many fronts and not being able to do magic. In Liscor, Relc informs her of the fire that occured in the previous night, laid by the mysterious human thief who used it to escape after being caught. Erin and Relc also reminiscence about Klbkch, and he tells her the city watch has too much on their hands. Erin also visits other friends, but they don't have time for her.

In the Wandering Inn, Ksmvr barges in and collects Pawn violently to interrogate him in the Hive (as hinted in Chapter 1.30), even injuring him in front of Erin. The other workers then tell Erin what happens to Aberrations.

After waiting in front of the Hive for Pawn, Erin returns to her Inn, only to find the Horns of Hammerad besieging her Inn to drive out Toren and the goblins. She stops that issue and makes acquaintances, eventually allowing them to stay as her first guests. To her dismay, nobody among them knows chess.

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  • Classes/Levels = [Barmaid] Lv. 2
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