Chapter 1.37 is the fifty-third chapter of Volume 1.


Erin wakes up after a nightmare (referencing the dark events of Chapter 1.25 and Chapter 1.16) and has to serve breakfast to her new guests. Ceria shows her how a wand works, and explains to her that she is a half-elf, not a vegetarian.

The Point of View switches to the other guests of the Wandering Inn who analyze their strange innkeeper who seems to be very oblivious to the dangers all around her, but then back to Erin when she learns some facts about Minotaurs. The innkeeper then rushes to Liscor for urgent grocery shopping. When made aware that Krshia can't get her the supplies the same day, she recruits the Horns and their partner groups for the delivery.

And just like that, Erin's busy day passes and the silver-rank team captains gather in her common room for planning the upcoming dungeon raid on the Ruins of Liscor. Then, some other guests drop by: Pisces who is shooed away into a corner; Olesm who had been absorbed by the chess puzzle Erin gave him (in Chapter 1.31), one week earlier; and eventually Pawn!

Pawn is helped into the inn by four workers, and heavily disfigured, missing half a leg and three arms after having been interrogated and tortured by Ksmvr (results of Chapter 1.36).




  • Bacon and Scrambled Eggs
  • Vegetables: lettuce, salad, tomatoes...
  • Blue Juice
  • Keg of ale
  • Onions, bread, two large bags of flour


  • (Ceria's) Wooden Wand, with pale white tinged with the faintest hint of green.
  • Gerald's axe
  • ...
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