Chapter 1.39 is the fifty-fifth chapter of Volume 1.

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Erin is exhausted from her actions in the previous chapter and she caught a cold in the rain. Her guests have to deal with Toren guarding her sleeping place in the kitchen:

  • Ceria orders a breakfast and Toren serves her basic ingredients. She and the other Horns leave for Liscor after Erin got up and then back to sleep.
  • Selys is horrified by the skeleton
  • Pisces can't order Toren to move aside
  • Rags accepts the situation and challenges Toren to a chess game

Outside the inn, Calruz meets Pawn who explains to him that he can't take revenge on Ksmvr and that he will return to the Hive.

In the final paragraph, Gazi intends to approach Ceria and Gerial in Liscor's market.

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Toren Edit

  • Classes/Levels = [Skeleton Warrior] Lv. 3 (+1)

Gerial Edit

  • currently: Warrior Lv. 17
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