Chapter 1.40 is the fifty-sixth chapter of Volume 1.

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Erin wakes up and finds Toren losing his 18th chess match against Rags. She tutors him but finds out that he gets better but still sucks after extensive coaching.

Gerial (he provides the viewpoint) and Ceria walk through Liscor and meet Sostrom at a stand. They debate the ruins, and Erin, and Ryoka, and especially Pisces. Then, Gazi interrupts them and inquires about Ryoka, hitting the three adventurers with [Charm] spells. Only Ceria (her viewpoint now) can avoid being charmed, and Gazi threatens her with her sword, but the human thief catches them all with a webbing spell.

Ceria then explains to Gerial about Chandrar and Flos.

Gazi visits Erin at the Wandering Inn and tells her she leaves the city, after ensuring that Erin is going to stay where she is. Calruz passes by and insists that Erin should take revenge on Ksmvr for hurting Pawn. Then he shows her his [Hammer Blow] and promises to teach her a skill for self-defense.

Later (Calruz' viewpoint), he ponders in bed how to strengthen Erin so that she wouldn't be so offensively weak. And so that he would be more confident in dealing with another human female...

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  • Lyonette's possession: magical emerald ring, that shoots an area-webbing spell
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