Chapter 1.41 is the fifty-eighth chapter of Volume 1. It continues with Erin's side from Chapter 1.40, but is also the seventeenth chapter that continues Ryoka's storyline, albeit shortly.

Synopsis Edit

Erin tries to teach Toren cooking, but this is another failure. However, there is pancake morning in the Wandering Inn, and then Erin shows the astonished adventurers how she deals with Rock Crabs: pelting them with Amentus seed cores.

Ceria and Gerial get the word of approval from Selys to enter the Ruins of Liscor. Also, Selys inquires about the importance of Lady Magnolia, because the wealthy Lady has sent a messenger to the city council. The council, apparently not knowing about her importance, has not received that messenger. After their conversation, Selys sends her fellow receptionist out to fix that misunderstanding.

Meanwhile, Calruz stayed at the Inn, to teach Erin how to fight. He also involves Toren in his lecture, and doesn't stop until Erin shows a modicum of fighting abilities.

Meanwhile, Cervial shows the other captains his dwarven crossbow. They all prepare for the expedition, until Olesm shows up, and offers his help in the expedition. When the group returns to the Wandering Inn, they witness Calruz chasing Erin, trying to get her to fight harder. He only stops after an underhanded kick in the groin. Erin then serves dinner and sells a jar of acid to Gerial.

Ryoka refuses to get the Skill [Indomitable Will].

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Items Edit

  • Amentus Fruit Seed Core
  • Dwarven Crossbow
  • Acid Jar

Food Edit

  • Pancakes

Statistics Obtained Edit

Erin Solstice Edit

  • Skill = [Power Strike]

Ryoka Griffin Edit

  • Skill = [Indomitable Will]
    • Skill Cancelled

Olesm Swifttail Edit

  • Level = 24 [Tactician] (revealed as current)
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