Chapter 1.42 is the sixty-second chapter of Volume 1.


Erin sits in her inn, waiting for her evening crowd (Rag's Goblins), and gets a premonition something is wrong. Nevertheless, she has to relieve herself. Toren is defeated by an Aberration Antinium who intends to murder Erin.


Meanwhile, Skinner launches its attack on Liscor. Using its fear aura, Skinner makes the City Watch flee the walls, or do nothing, so that one of the city gates isn't closed in time. It posts Crypt Lords at the gates to further prevent closing them, then floods the city streets with undead.

The battle focus is on Zevara, who arrives late to oversee the fighting. Besides directing the Watch and scrambling to restore order into the fight, she finds and instructs Pisces to use his magic to defeat undead; and finds Krshia to use her Gnolls as ranged auxiliary. She has a falling out with Ksmvr who only commits 15 Antinium Soldier to the battle, instead of the hundreds that should help the city, according to the Antinium contract. Ksmvr states that the Antinium Workers were in rebellion and are moving towards the Wandering Inn and that the Queen has to be guarded in a special project of hers.

Then, Skinner arrives in the city itself. Zevara nearly falls prey to it, but Relc saves her live and fights the abomination off. Sensing that Relc and the Antinium Soldiers are posing a threat for it, Skinner retreats and crawls out of the city. Later, Pisces and Relc both realize that it would be moving towards Erin.


Back at the inn, as she comes back from the outhouse, the Worker-Aberration attacks Erin, and Erin is only saved by Knight - a newly formed individual. Just minutes later, around 30 Worker-Individuals arrive a the inn, and together with Toren start fighting back the first undead that are swarming towards the inn.




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