Chapter 1.43 is the sixty-third chapter of Volume 1.

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The Individual Antinium, Toren and Erin fight the Undead who attack the Wandering Inn. After the first wave has been fought off, the Antinium fortify with a moat. Meanwhile Skinner slowly approaches.

Zevara, Relc and Pisces still fight the Undead in Liscor and debate strategy. Relc may not follow Skinner and fight the abomination alone, and they concentrate on eliminating the Undead in the city. Pisces reanimates some killed Undead and tasks them with protection of Erin.

Skinner and a hundred of his undead arrive at the inn, and 20 of the 30 workers remain to fight them. Knight sends Erin inside so that she remains protected. Rags observes the fight, but doesn't dare to interfere.

Inside the inn, Erin ponders in front of her chessboard, and decides that she isn't the King, castled into the fortress, but the Queen, free to move and to fight. She gets involved in the fight and hurls her largest jar of fly acid at Skinner, challenging the creature.

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  • Acid Jar
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