Chapter 1.44 is the sixty-fourth chapter of Volume 1.

Synopsis Edit

Under the onslaught of undead attackers, injured Erin and eight Antinium Individuals retreat into the barricaded inn. There, Bird heals her with a Healing Potion and they fight off more Undead until Erin and her Antinium are making a sortie.

Ksmvr retreats his Antinium Soldiers from the fighting to better protect his Queen, while Zevara desperately tries to hold the streets of Liscor against the Undead. As Ksmvr tries to logically reconcile his cowardly actions with his duty, his orders are countermanded, as the Rite of Anastases has already finished. Everyone is positively shocked when Klbkch reappears, again the Prognugator of the Antinium.

In her final stand against Skinner, Erin receives help from several friends: Toren rips off one of Skinner's fear gems, then the Undead from Pisces arrive to try to tear the abomination apart. In that chaos, Erin and the Antinium also wear Skinner down, then Erin jumps the monster and cuts at it. This reveals Skinner's true form, and it abandons the hull of dead flesh it has inhabitated. The fight against the undead hordes completely tips when Klbkch and the Antinium Soldiers arrive on the scene.

Skinner can escape the fight and flees back towards the crypt, but Rags and her Goblins arrive and kill the monster.

The chapter concludes with Klbkch asking Erin for allowance to enter her inn.

Characters Edit

Locations Edit

Creatures Edit

  • Skeleton
  • Ghoul
  • Zombie
  • Crypt Lord
  • Pisces's Undead

Items Edit

  • Healing Potion
  • Acid Jar
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