Chapter 1.45 is the sixty-fifth and final chapter of Volume 1.


Ryoka returns from the Bloodfields. On her way, she stumbles over dead Gnolls, and meets Gazi.

Erin and Klbkch debrief each other after Skinner's defeat. Klbkch explains his resurrection and relays the death toll to Erin, and she lies down to cry.

Selys, Zevara and Tekshia debate over the culpability of the adventurers who went into the Ruins of Liscor and prompted Skinner's Attack on Liscor. However, Yvlon has lost everything and is not responsive.

Toren has gained conscience and has started to think about his role in life. He has acquired Skinner's fear gem, and leveled eight times during the battle.

More things happen all around Liscor. Then, Ryoka returns to the city and asks about the Horns of Hammerad. The events that took place in her absence shock her, and she finally decides to run away from it all. Since there is nothing left to stop for anymore. And then her phone rings.






Erin Solstice

  • Classes/Levels Obtained = [Innkeeper] Lv. 18 (+3)
  • Skills Obtained = [Immunity: Alcohol] + [Quick Recovery]


  • Classes/Levels Revealed = [Skeleton Warrior] Lv. 11 (+8)
  • Classes/Levels Revealed = [Tactician] Lv.?
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