Chapter 2.01 is the third chapter of Volume 2.

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Ryoka and Erin perceive the first moments of realizing they are not alone in Innworld as very different. While Ryoka can already imagine Earth invaders colonizing this fantasy world, Erin is just relieved to not be alone anymore.

Several of Erin' regular patrons are coming down on her inn even before Erin and Ryoka have had time to talk things over. That includes some tension between Ryoka and all other people present - since Ryoka hates people and didn't meet many peaceful non-human races. Even more tension stems from the presence of rags and several of her goblins. Things get even more awkward as Toren returns from his duties.

Erin is convinced that this is a great evening, although Zevara takes her aside and promises her that they need to talk. Then, Klbkch adresses the room and peddles the assembled people the newest Antinium drink, which is alcoholic. The trial run doesn't go as he expected. The rxlvn is too strong.

The Goblins fall unconscious immediately. Erin has [Alcohol Immunity] and Ryoka gets badly drunk. Selys and Krshia decide to stay for the night and fall asleep on the inn's second floor. Relc and Zevara leave the inn badly drunk and fall asleep outside in the landscape or inside the city in the gutters, respectively. The Antinium leave the inn unaffected. Pisces wakes up to the message of Ceria.

Erin only gets little time to sleep, as Pisces breaks down the door of the inn in his hurry to assemble people for a rescue mission for Ceria.

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