Chapter 2.02 is the fourth chapter of Volume 2.

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Erin and Ryoka browse through all Liscorian authorities that might help in a rescue mission for Ceria. Zevara denies all help from the City Watch, forbidding them to even recruit Relc or Klbkch off-duty. Klbkch may not help out with Soldiers either, but sends Ksmvr. Krshia and Selys cannot help out at all, but Ryoka relays how she saw dead Gnolls on her way north, which causes Krshia to mobilize her people.

Erin packs supplies for the rescue expedition and by the way bullies Rags into helping out. With six people - Erin, Ksmvr, Pisces, Toren, Rags and Ryoka - they enter the ruins despite being challenged by Liscor's guards. Their descent into the ruins is watched by Gazi, who has patiently plotted something.

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