Chapter 2.03 is the fifth chapter of Volume 2.

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The mixed-up non-adventurer group of Ksmvr, Toren, Erin, Ryoka, Rags and Pisces explores the ruins of Liscor in a procession of two abreast. They dispatch a group of ghouls; then a larger group of zombies and skeletons. Ryoka thinks herself useless, since she can't contribute much to the fights.

Erin and Ryoka have some more exchanges, showing how different their personalities are. They reach the second level where they witness the carnage that happened when the Horns of Hammerad and their colleagues had been slaughtered. Searching everywhere, they cannot find the Horns until they lift the stone lids from the sarcophages. There, Ryoka finds Ceria in a stone coffin, and Toren and Ksmvr free Olesm from another coffin.

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  • Ghouls
  • Zombies
  • Skeletons

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