Chapter 2.06 is the ninth chapter of Volume 2.

It is the first chapter since 1.10 R to show the POV of Magnolia.

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The chapter begins with Magnolia's hired [Assassin], Theofore, reporting about the battle at Liscor involving Gazi Pathseeker. The story then transitions to focus on Erin and Ryoka, where Ryoka tells Erin about the phone call she received, and the two end up discussing the 2016 Election over a game of chess.

Erin (and the readership) learns a lot about the Innworld from Ryoka during their conversation. She is taught about the dead Gods, about the various continents, about Rhir and Flos and even about the Walled Cities and the Antinium War.

Erin isn't fazed much by all the revelations, and decides to add American cuisine onto her menu. And also build a road towards her inn and start advertising.

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  • Ryoka is revealed to be a proponent of the United States' Libertarian party, having voted for Gary Johnson, although apparently not because of a libertarian conviction
  • Erin shares the view of the Olympic Committee regarding the division of the continents on Earth
  • The chapter, like Interlude - 2, was written in the media shock of Trump having been an elected president for several months, in the USA. Since, there has not been mention of that politician again.
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