Chapter 2.09 is the twelfth chapter of Volume 2.

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Erin wakes up in a freezing inn, surrounded by a nine feet tall wall of ice, constructed by Toren who never stopped clearing up the snow around the inn. She sends him away from the inn to find wood, while she goes shopping herself.

She reaches Liscor half-frozen and buys some food and clothes from the Gnoll merchants before changing in the adventurer's guild. She talks to Selys and is told how the Winter Sprites are a seasonal nuisance. They also talk about the danger that the King of Destruction might pose to Liscor, and about leveling as a Warrior or as an Innkeeper. Erin tells her about being Level 18 by now, and Selys takes Erin to Peslas' inn, a locale that solely caters to Drakes.

Back in adventurer's guild, Erin gets to meet Ceria and Olesm, and extends an offer for Ceria to stay at her inn once she will inevitably be kicked out from the guild. Then, Erin is handed a bad surprise: Food is even more pricey in the winter, and delivery will no longer be available. Thankfully for Erin, Relc offers to carry some to her inn.

Then, Relc mentions that the very same inn exploded...

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