Chapter 2.13 is the sixteenth chapter of Volume 2.

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Erin faces the next day in her brand new inn. She still hasn't found Toren.

She proceeds to Liscor's Market Street and makes hamburgers to sell them, which turns out wildly successful. After a few hours, Erin is introduced to Hawk, who is currently in the city.

After that success, Erin invites Ceria in her inn, and the half-elf spends her first night as Erin's guest. Only to wake up from nightmares in the middle of the night. Erin tries to calm her down and they realize that Ceria can move her skeletal hand again. While they are still discussing, Olesm barges into the inn: He has important news about the Crypt just being one building of a long-lost underground dungeon.

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