Chapter 2.17 is the twentieth chapter of Volume 2.

Synopsis Edit

Ryoka remembers how her meetings with Teriarch (Chapter 1.09 R and Chapter 2.12) went down without the illusions that the dragon put into her mind. She apologizes that the use of Valceif's talisman has destroyed it, and the entire room is shocked to learn that the talisman was worth more than 1000 gold coins. But Val insists that it was his fault and Ryoka doesn't have to pay him back; instead he will confront the maker who told him it was capable of lifting all possible enchantments.

That done, he goes into Liscor while Erin and Ryoka also take a stroll to Krshia. Ryoka is bored by their talks and listens to her iPhone, when she realizes all Gnolls in the city can listen in. Then, the two girls go with Krshia and Selys to the bathhouse and relax.

As they return to the Wandering Inn, Erin starts to become grumpy because all the shops and restaurants around sell hamburgers. Back in the inn, Erin an Ryoka force Pisces to [Repair] the iPhone; and as Ryoka gratiously allows all persons present to listen in on the music, Erin has a crazy idea. Pisces has to bespell the iPhone with [Amplify Sound], and Erin climbs the roof of the inn and starts singing to the music with her [Loud Voice] skill.

This is enough to stir up the city, and more and more citizens of Liscor come towards the inn. Despite Zevara's efforts to silence the crowd, Erin's singing starts up an impromptu music festival with singing, dancing, and serving every crumb and drop of food in Erin's inn, prepared in a hasty joint effort by Ryoka, Ceria and Olesm.

As the riot turns down, everyone is k.o. But Erin notices for the first time that the Magic Chessboard is active and some mysterious player on the other side has made their first move.

Characters Edit

Locations Edit

Creatures Introduced Edit

  • Darker things (Flashback Appearance)

Items Edit

  • iPhone
  • thumb-sized dreamcatcher-like talisman against Mind Magic

Songs Edit

  • Queen - Another One Bites the Dust
  • Plain White T's - Hey There Delilah
  • Kid Rock - All Summer Long
  • Phil Collins - Two Worlds (Tarzan)
  • Mulan - I'll Make a Man Out of You
  • The Lion King - Circle Of Life
  • Timbaland - Apologize (feat. One Republic)
  • The Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling
  • Beyoncé - Single Ladies
  • Justin Timberlake - Can't Stop the Feeling

Statistics Obtained Edit

Erin Solstice: Edit

  • Classes/Levels = [Innkeeper] Lv. 21 (+2)
  • Skills = [Advanced Cooking] + [Advanced Crafting]
  • Classes/Levels = [Singer] Lv. 6 (+6)
  • Skills = [Perfect Recall] + [Control Pitch]
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