Chapter 2.19 G is the twenty-second chapter of Volume 2.

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Rags wakes up from a memory of when the last Goblin King was shot. She then surveys her tribe, currently gathered around a bad-tasting goblin meal, and in the presence of Toren. Rags next relives the memory of the battle of the day before:

The Goblins and Toren had fought an Enchanted Armor that had followed Toren out of the dungeon. Rags won only through luck, daring, her new crossbows and especially the Boom Bark: the bark of the denuded Krakk trees that Rags had found. (in Chapter 2.14 G) Not a single goblin died. Rags learned several things by now: The dungeon spans miles underground; and Toren is able to communicate with her through gestures.
Rags decided to press into the dungeon, and encountered Dropclaw bats which she could mostly kill (4 casualties) and fifteen Stone Golems which she could not (six casualties). Rags' goblins could steal a magical bracelet from a trap treasure pedestal, but it was tested on a Dropclaw bat and turned out to be horribly cursed. She blocks the entrance to the Stone Golem caves with stones.

Back in the present, Rags takes Toren with her and they go towards the newly-erected Wandering Inn, where Toren is reunited with his master. Rags gets one of Erin's newfangled hamburgers, but is otherwise ignored. Rags uses the unguarded magical chessboard, but is soundly defeated by the mysterious opponent.

Then, Relc starts bullying Rags again, threatening to kill her anywhere outside the inn. Rags stands up to him, but knows that she won't have a chance against him even as Erin sides with her. The Frost Faeries break up the situation by hitting Relc with a freeze spell, and Rags hides under a table and thinks. The inn is no longer a safe place for her; so Rags leaves soon after the trouble.

Back in the wild, she goes with her tribe against the Jawbreaker Tribe and defeats its chieftain as well as the other hob, in order to consolidate her position and unite a tribe large and strong enough to push Relc and the feared Redfang Tribe out of her way.

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  • Bark from Krakk Trees
  • cursed magical bracelet (destroyed)
  • [Terror] Gemstone
  • Magical Chessboard

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  • Skills = [Rapid Retreat]
  • Spells = [Detect Magic]
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