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Chapter 2.21 is the twenty-fourth chapter of Volume 2.


Erin has a dream where she meets a strange foreboding Lady in a dark forest and finds a sword that she almost pulls out of a stone coffin just before she is woken up by a Frost Faerie. The Frost Faerie had invaded her dream and wheedled out the permission to consume all sugar in Erin's kitchen; but she is outraged at the prospect of Erin stealing that golden sword out of her dream. They bicker a lot afterwards and discuss the relations of mortals and faeries. Then, Erin is granted a small boon of her own choosing, and the innkeeper asks permission to touch the Faerie, which is granted.

After that experience, Erin has a dream on hosting a banquet for the Faeries, thus appeasing the lot. She lets Ceria pick flowers below the snow; sends Toren to collect mushrooms, and sets out herself to get the first milk that a cow ever gave. Toren brings back not only mushrooms but also a Shield Spider that Toren and Selys extract the poison from.

Being a virgin herself, Erin processes the milk, makes some bread, and mixes more sugar that she bought with fresh fallen snow that she then places in moonlight. Finally, Erin invites the Frost Faeries for the banquet that she prepared in good faith, and they appear for the feast. Erin agrees to be paid with a heap of gold that the faeries conjure, only to realize in the morning that she has been paid in golden yellow flowers.


During the day, Erin also met Krshia whose market stall has been burned down by the human thief, but at the moment she can't care for that news at all, being focused on her banquet preparations.




Statistics Obtained/Learned[]

Erin Solstice:[]

  • Classes/Levels = [Innkeeper] Lv. 25 (+4) 
  • Skills Obtained = [Inn’s Aura]
  • Skills Learned = [Wondrous Fare]