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Chapter 2.24 T is the twenty-seventh chapter of Volume 2. After Chapter 2.10 T and Chapter 2.23 it is the third chapter of volume 2 to provide Toren's point of view.


Toren annoys Erin on purpose, enough to make her send him out of the inn so that he can pursue his hobby: Become a better Skeleton Warrior to protect Erin. He walks around and kills a Snow Golem and a Corusdeer.

He returns damaged, and his Mistress has rescued a girl in the meantime. Toren doesn't like the former thieving girl, not only because he is not bound to her like he is to Erin and not just because she tries to steal from Erin and has an unpleasant personality. Toren also fears being replaced as Erin's only servant; the girl tries to command him around, and Erin saddles him even with the duty to show her how to be her servant and forbids him from hurting or killing her. Toren finds it fortunate that he can think of creative ways to make the girl terrified of him and obedient to him.

Each day when he can slip away, Toren also goes around the Floodplains and the nearby wilderness, and kills stuff: He eradicates a group of Goblins coming from the south (possibly foreshadowing the emerging Goblin Lord); he kills a wolverine and another Corusdeer but is overwhelmed by the rest of the herd, he kills another horrific monster without name and then spares a wild boar.

PoV of Griffon Hunt: They observe Toren fighting a Snow Golem and send the bound spirit of Kelthor after the skeleton.

Toren manages to lure Kelthor into an ambush taking advantage of a nearby Corusdeer herd, and slays the spirit of Kelthor irreversibly.

As Toren returns to the Wandering Inn that evening, a bunch of Gnolls is attacking Erin...



Creatures Introduced[]

  • Corusdeer
  • Snow Golem
  • Wolverine
  • Wild boar
  • tall, semi-bipedal creature with leathery skin, no face, just a mouth and no eyes, long talons and barbed forearms


  • Toren's sword
  • [Terror] Gemstone
  • Kelthor's armor



  • Classes/Levels Obtained = [Skeleton Warrior] Lv. 20 (+6)
  • Classes Change = [Skeleton Warrior] → [Skeleton Knight]
  • Skills Revealed = [Weapon Proficiency: Sword] + [Lesser Strength] + [Conceal Presence]
  • Skills Obtained = [Even Footing] + [Weapon Proficiency: Shield] + [Power Strike]
  • Skills Change = [Power Strike] → [Mirage Cut]