Chapter 2.30 is the thirty-third chapter of Volume 2.

Synopsis Edit

Ryoka does her best to sneak away from the two armies that clashed, with magic mist covering the battlefield. Some Frost Faeries arrive to help her, and point her through the maze that is the inner protection of Az'kerash's castle. In the middle of it, she missteps and is ejected outwards, facing Zel Shivertail who appears friendly towards her. Just as they both intend to go their ways, Wall Lord Ilvriss appears with a detachment of elite soldiers.

Periss is tasked to capture Ryoka (who escaped with luck and a [Flashlight] spell), while Ilvriss gets to take down Zel on his own. Periss chases Ryoka through the Labyrinth, and only captures her when they have both reached the sanctum: the clearing on which the Neromancer's tower stands. Periss falters when Ryoka tells her who lives there, but as she cannot get out without help, she decides to face the Undead head on. Ryoka is free to run and deliver her message.

Outside that maze, Zel (higher level, but not magically armed) and Ilvriss (who has many magical items) fight. Zel only gets the upper hand when one of Ilvriss' rings shatters: Periss is dead. Ilvriss is captured by Zel and carried back towards the battlefield.

Ryoka meets Venitra when she runs through the castle, and is only caught in the study of the Necromancer, by himself. He sends Venitra away and decides to torture Ryoka to death and reveal all her secrets, when she tells him that she's a runner for Teriarch. He spares her out of respect for the Dragon, takes the happy birthday present and sends Ryoka out.

Outside of his chamber, Ryoka is challenged by the Necromancer's Chosen again, but when they announce to hold her until the Necromancer finishes his project, she takes Teriarch's haste potion and runs on a supercharge - out of the castle, the maze, and the battlefield (where Zel is winning) near it, back to where she came from.

Characters Edit

Locations Edit

  • Izril, between Pallass and the Bloodfields
    • Az’kerash's Castle

Creatures Edit

  • various Undead, including the Chosen

Items Edit

  • [Haste] Potion
  • Teriarch's Birthday Greetings
  • Teriarch's Birthday Present (Sildarian Dueling Ring)
  • flour bag+fire potion combination
  • Ilvriss' magical sword
  • Ilvriss' magical bonding ring with Periss (broken)
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