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Chapter 2.32 H is the thirty-fifth chapter of Volume 2.


Ceria ponders her life choices, among others her love-life, recently with Olesm. While it certainly seems nice to settle down in the Wandering Inn as Erin's - she has decided to try the Adventurer's lifestyle again: “One last time.”

Yvlon has been declared recovered, and has to leave the sickroom of Liscor's Adventuring Guild. She has nothing but her equipment left, and has a debt to pay for all her fallen comrades. While she thinks she's weak, she still needs to carry on.

Pisces loathes his vagrant lifestyle, and being a name-only adventurer of the lowest rank in Liscor's Guild. His grand creation, Toren, is also not doing him any good at the moment. So he has decided to overcome his lonesome and poor situation.

The three adventurers meet at the (by now more lively) inn, and discuss how their new adventurer group is going to work out, if at all. The group is in dire need of coin (having only two gold pieces) and at least one other member. Erin reminds them of Ryoka, but Ceria refuses. Olesm, Ceria's love interest, appears and volunteers, but all three adventurers refuse his offer. Olesm is quite hurt by the refusal.

At that point, Ksmvr appears in the inn, having been relieved of his duties as a Prognugator by Klbkch, for failing in his duties in Liscor's Dungeon. He is injured and seeks Erin's advice, knowing that Pawn and Klbkch also value her for it. He also mentions that his Queen is going to push the exploration of the Dungeon now.

Erin suggests that Ksmvr joins the three adventurers, and after being told Ksmvr is equal to a silver-rank adventurer, they consider it. As fate has it, a raiding party of Goblins attacks a village near Liscor just then, and Halrac as well as the four adventurers decide to assist; Erin provides them with some items. Liscor's City Watch also appears with Relc and 80 [Guards]. To the surprise of the defenders, the attacking Goblins are actually armed like an army, with shields, armor and decent weaponry, and use formations. The not-yet fully formed adventurer group can help repel the goblins, with the most impressing feat being Pisces animating several fallen Goblins to fight for him. The Watch and Halrac (who had killed half the goblins himself) waive salvaging rights to Ceria's group they collect the items of their low-level adversaries, finding surprisingly good equipment there.

The Goblin attack is the second hint at the appearance of Goblin Lord to the south, after his first mention in Chapter 2.27 G.




  • Hand Mirror, spelled for protection and backed with pure silver with further magics that would identify curses and hexes and so on. Will not reflect anything, if it is not used by a Byres family members.
  • Armor, Sword, and Shield with highest-quality alloy of steel and silver. Can ward off some monsters and aid in beneficial magics.
  • Erin's kitchen knife and Healing Potions.