Chapter 2.43 is the forty-seventh chapter of Volume 2.

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The inn has more guests than usual due to Antinium visiting to eat the bees that Erin had obtained during her expedition.

While Erin is dealing with the new guests. Ryoka is talking to Klbkch about the leveling system and her leveling theory that the maximum level is 100 and leveling in other classes slows growth. Klbkch discusses the peak of his strength before he was slain by General Sserys. He also discloses to Ryoka some general knowledge of the Dungeon beneath Liscor, so that Ryoka learns some facts volumes before the regular Liscorian citizens do.

Ryoka tries to offer the theory as compensation to Krshia for the meeting of tribes but it is shot down since it is important but it doesn't have the potential to change the entire race. Erin closes the inn and both Erin and Lyonette level.

The next morning, Erin leaves for another expedition with Toren and the sleigh, just after breakfast. Erin tells Lyonette that the [Barmaid] is now in charge of the inn while she is gone.

Having retrieved some honey and bees, Erin has Toren pulling the sled while going to sleep. The sleigh bells that keep ringing while Toren pulls the sled finally cause him to snap: He has resented Erin's orders for a long time now, so now he 'misinterprete' her orders and within a few hours pulls her all the way past Esthelm and then the same distance again, only to abandon Erin alone in the wilderness afterwards.

Garen observes the kidnapping, although he doesn't tell Rags.

Back at the inn, Ryoka slowly starts to get worried when Erin doesn't come back after, and the next morning runs north on the vague feeling that she can visit a certain dragon to find out about Erin.

Toren already returns to the south, intending to go into Liscor's Dungeon.

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Erin Solstice: Edit

  • Classes/Levels = [Innkeeper] Lv. 26 (+1)

Lyonette Edit

  • Classes/Levels = [Barmaid] Lv.4 (+1)
  • Skills = [Basic Cooking]
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