Chapter 2.47 is the fifty-first chapter of Volume 2.


Ryoka reconciles with Erin after being teleported into Stitchworks. Octavia explains to Ryoka how reckless Erin was when experimenting with alchemy but Erin keeps experimenting. Ryoka helps Erin make Corusdeer soup, a magical soup.

Erin and Ryoka leave to go to the Mage's Guild. Erin sends a message to Selys and Krisha that she is safe while Ryoka sends a message to Krisha that she has the magical tome. When Erin discusses going back to Liscor she gets told by Ryoka that they should stay in Celum for now since it is too dangerous. They visit the Frenzied Hare an inn to rest at. The inn is run by Agnes with Maran and Safry as barmaids.

When Erin goes to talk to Agnes about her cooking, Ryoka meets up with Garia. Erin then sees an adventuring group the Brilliant Swords of Celum harassing the barmaids, she gets into a fight with them with Ryoka and Garia joining in.


Groups/Organisations Introduced

  • Brilliant Swords of Celum



  • Magical Soup
  • Hamburger
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