Chapter 2.48 is the fifty-second and final chapter of Volume 2.

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Rags' tribe is sieging Esthelm while Rags and Garen watch. The city was burned to the ground and the Flooded Water tribe gets enough parts for hundreds of crossbows. Garen tells Rags that the humans will never forgive them for this. Rags decides they go north nevertheless.

Meanwhile in Celum, Wesle contemplates arresting Erin and Ryoka for starting a brawl with an adventuring team but eventually decides to just arrest the team. Then a street runner arrives with news that two rivaling goblin armies burned down Esthelm and fought each other.

Venitra watches as Az'kerash assembles a behemoth of white flesh. Az'kerash thinks about sending Bea to go collect more whale corpses to complete the behemoth before Venitra tells him that they let an intruder in. Az'kerash tells Venitra that she and Ijvani are to track Ryoka down and make sure that she doesn't reveal any information about the Necromancer.

Teriarch plays with his newly acquired iPhone, listening to Ryoka's music, when Magnolia interupts his idle time and has him screen her mansion for more intruders. As she is busy, Teriarch doesn't share his recent discovery with Magnolia.

Magnolia questions Theofore who claims to have no idea why the Assassin's Guild turned on Magnolia and went after the Earthlings with Magnolia. She suspects that the assassins might have been sent by the Circle of Thorns, and also ponders the Antinium situation, as she knows of the Antinium representatives approaching Liscor.

Griffon Hunt prepares to be the first team to enter the real Liscor dungeon that was recently excavated by the Antinium. The dungeon opens giving everyone a sense of danger.

Zel Shivertail stands trial before the Lords of the Wall to try and suggest that the Walled Cities form a coalition army to take down the Goblin Lord and any other threats, among them . His ideas get shot down by the Wall Lords and the Lords descend into bickering before everyone's [Dangersense] goes off giving them an ominous warning from the north.

Niers receives letters containing status updates and one of them is a report of the Liscor Dungeon being opened and [Dangersense] being activated. Niers is unsure of what to do since the magical chessboard pieces have not been moved in a while.

Ryoka and Erin realize that the Goblin threat in the south of Celum will prevent them from going back to the Wandering Inn. Erin tries to make due with helping out in the Frenzied Hare for now.

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  • Az’kerash's Massive Creature

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  • iPhone

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  • Katy Perry - Hot N Cold
  • Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

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