Chapter 3.02 H is the third chapter of Volume 3.

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The Horns of Hammerad are camping in the cold for the eighth day, at the Ruins of Albez, where they tried to follow the clues of the map that Olesm "found" in Liscor. Yvlon picks up food from a Runner, but has to go five miles because they don't deliver directly to the ruins - and their funds are almost used up. One more day, and they have to return to the next city, having failed their expedition. Pisces is the most vocal about their bad luck and goes on everybody's nerves.

The next day, they localize another structure where they hope to find something, and Pisces makes another argument to use undeads for the excavation work. He finally gets to do things his way and raises six buried skeletons as labor. While Ceria and Pisces reminiscence about their days at Wistram, the skeletons uncover a passage and trigger a flaming trap that destroys three of them.

As they explore the ruins, they encounter freshly awakened as well as dormant Crelers in their larval form, and exterminate the entire nest.

Finally, they arrive at an enchanted door which they cannot break or even find the trap, besides recognizing that there is a spell overlaying the door. As the group analyzes the spell, it acticates and suddenly the group is trapped in a pit of bones, where Ceria eventually recognizes a Symbol of [Insanity].

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  • Skeletons

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