Chapter 3.08 H is the ninth chapter of Volume 3.

Synopsis Edit

The Horns are collecting their loot and do an after-battle analysis. Pisces builds them another bone staircase out of the pit and they make theit escape. In the former study of Warmage Thresk, they find the sooty gold below black ash, as well as another magical bag.

As they return to Human civilization, they are first greeted with arrows as guards believe Ksmvr to be an attacking army of Antinium, but they are eventually recognized as adventurers and welcomed properly in the Guild where they receive preferential treatment.

As soon as they leave the inn, they are thrown an impromptu parade.

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Locations Edit

Creatures Edit

  • Skeletons

Items Edit

  • Melted Treasire - 80 pounds of Gold (equals 0.5 gallon or 1.9 litres), worth about 26'500 Gold Dollars (as of fixed gold price around 1900 on Earth)
  • Unburnt Bag of Holding
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