Chapter 3.09 is the tenth chapter of Volume 3.

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Ivolethe can't teach Ryoka how to do faerie magic, as Ryoka can't feel the wind the way Faeries can. She resupplies on magical soup at Octavia's shop and runs into Fals, who invites her to a drink and then to Garia's house at some later time (he was invited but doesn't want to go by himself for appearance's sake). Fals then tells Ryoka about the Horns of Hammerad making their big appearance in Ocre.

Ryoka is on her way to Ocre as fast as her feet allow, while the other Frost Faeries chastise Ivolethe for following the mortal fool.

Ryoka storms into Ceria's room and they drink on their reunion and exchange stories. Ivolethe refuses to speak with Ceria or to help identify the treasure from Albez. As they turn to go downstairs, they note that the jolly drinking atmosphere in the bar room has changed: Reynold and Ressa have arrived with the magical carriage and expect Ryoka to come with them.

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