Chapter 3.10 is the eleventh chapter of Volume 3.

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Yvlon is told that the metal that has bonded with her bones, cannot be easily removed and her arms not be healed. Then she receives word of trouble at the inn because Magnolia's coach has arrived. She arrives at a standoff situation where Ressa, Ryoka, Ceria, Pisces, the bar rooms crowds, Ksmvr and Reynolds are still evaluating who is exactly outmatching whom. Then, Ryoka gives in to the demand of being taken to Magnolia.

Ryoka tells the Horns to prepare all the treasure they need evaluated; and she grabs all deliveries for Invrisil from the Runner's guild. Then, before she can even properly say farewell to the Horns, the carriage starts towards Invrisil while being sent off by a parade of Ocre-anians.

In the carriage, Ryoka gets the silent treatment from Ressa, but Ressa isn't letting the Runner unload all the provocations she uses to needle adults with usually. Instead, she calmly threatens Ryoka with violence, and shuts her up. Instead of lingering, Ryoka takes a seat next to Reynolds at the front of the carriage; and sees natural raw wing magic for the first time.

They meet Rag's goblin horde along the way as they are moving north, and the encounter has some brief exchanges of violence as Reynolds goes through Goblin ranks, Rags shoots down the coach's [Invisibility] spell and Ressa hurts Garen with throwing stars.

Afterwards, Ryoka and Reynolds get to drive and drink two bottles of wine.

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  • Ocre
    • The Nobleman’s Disgrace (Inn)
    • Runner’s Guild

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