Chapter 3.14 is the fifteenth chapter of Volume 3.

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Grand Mage Nemor and his many [Assassins] attempt on [Lady] Magnolia's life who is protected by Ressa. Neither side can crack the other's magic, so Magnolia moves the fight to the yard outside, where she can defeat Nemor; but not before the [Mage] reveals that he suborned Magnolia's Golems.

Magnolia and Ressa then debate her security issues and the Circle of Thorns. Afterwards, Magnolia tells Ryoka (who has tended to wounded people) that she will table the discussions of Earth technologies, but host Ryoka and sponsor her access to some [Enchanter] in Invrisil.


In Riverfarm, it has been three days since the avalanche happened, and Laken is still taking responsibility after he has claimed the village as 'his'. Gamel, a young man he rescued, is now guarding his cottage. The food situation of the village is under control for now, but will be ugly in spring, so Laken prepares to travel to Invrisil and secure supplies and adventurers to guard the village.

The next day, he leaves on a cart pulled by Durene, accompanied by Gamel and Frostwing.

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Items Edit

  • Teleportation Ring.
  • A Mirror capable of sucking a Fireball.
  • Tripvine Bag.
  • A ring that shoots a thin crimson light, that expends to a beam of burning air, engulfing the target in a column of fire and then explode, leaving nothing but a crater of black, smoking ash.

Food Edit

  • Fried Ham
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