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Chapter 3.28 G is the twenty-ninth chapter of Volume 3.


Accompanied by the two Hobs, Rags explores the home of the Mountain City Tribe, admiring what the Goblins have doneto the abandoned Dwarf city. Rags muses over Tremborag's class, [Great Chieftain] and the factions that have formed within the tribe, which don't make sense to her, which are not Goblin. She discovers the armory and finds out that Tremborag only grants weapons to Goblins he deems worthy, rather than handing them out fully as a normal Goblin Chieftain would.

As she explores other places, Rags begins to notice how the Gobllins aren't all united and have various factions amongst them. At dinner Rags asks Tremborag when they will fight the Goblin Lord, instead Tremborag intends to remain at the mountain and wait for him to come, rather than set out with his army. Of the factions she notices, Rags sees one of mostly females except for a very old Hob who has a beard.

The next day Rags meets the Chief [Shaman] of the tribe, Ulvama who tries to ally with Rags by teaching encouraging her to grow her influence using sex. Rags kicks Ulvama and leaves. Later Tremborag calls Rags to organise a raid to take supplies from a nearby town, she asks about the adventurer presence and Tremborag just tells her that there are only a few.

When outside the town Tremborag takes the eastern side while Garen takes the west, whereas Rags is relegated to a side unit with another dimwitted looking Goblin caster with no ears. When the attack starts the commander on the walls pulls his forces to handle the west, which is when Rags and the other goblins in hiding advance on the eastern walls. After clearing the walls with the help of the other Goblin's magic she sees the pair of Gold-rank, not silver, adventurers tearing through the goblins ahead, but then Tremborag in a transformed state intercepts them and kills them both.

After the battle Rags finds a steel axe and later hands it to the Goldstone Chieftain but the victory isn't a satisfying one for her because of the 200 captured Human women that the tribe had brought back. While Rags eats alone the dimwitted Goblin approaches her and speaks clearly, Rags realises it was all an act. Noears tells her to act meekly in front of Tremborag so as not to be a threat. During dinner Rags sits with the Goldstone Chieftain who invites the old Goblin to eat with them. On the third night after the battle Rags sits with one of the Redfangs who were not happy with the capture of the women and tells her about the Goldstone Chieftain visiting them often.

The next day Rags goes along with the mostly female raiding party including the old goblin. In the evening Rags decides to try and gain the trust of one of the Redfang Hobs and orders the Goldstone Chieftain to go, but he refuses saying it's not Goblin. He tells her that if Rags wants to stay here then he will become Chieftain and take his tribe and leave the mountain. When she realises that he had lived here in the past he takes her to the place where the human women are kept. The Goldstone Chieftain takes one of the women into a room and does nothing with her, after Rags thinks for a while, she orders him to carry out her plan. After they talk to Noears, some Redfangs and the female group Rags gives the Goldstone Chieftain a name; Pyrite. During lunch all the Goblins that Rags approached are gathered in a room and Rags declares that she is Chieftain and that she is leaving and that anyone that wants to come should join her, which results in the hall erupting into violence between the two sides.


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