Chapter 3.31 G is the thirty-second chapter of Volume 3.

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Groups/Organisations Introduced Edit

  • Furgather Tribe

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Creatures Edit

Items Edit

  • Magical Artifacts:
    • An Unbreakable Wooden Shield with faded paint showing some sort of flower on a field. – Given to Pyrite
    • A Sword that Shocks anyone that touched the blade, fairly badly. (it never stopped shocking and never ran out of magic.) – Given to Redscar
    • A Mace that seemed to have the weight of a Sledgehammer behind it. – Given to one of Rags’ Hobs, not one of the Redfang Warrior Hobs.
    • A Sword that threw Molten Fire when it is swung hard.
    • A Chest Plate that seemed to Fracture any non-magical weapon that struck it, breaking the blades badly on impact. – Given Redscar
    • A Shield that seemed to give anyone who held it a Rash.
    • A Spear that Sprouted Thorns everywhere except two specific handholds.
    • Gem of [Terror]
  • Twenty-foot Long Pikes

Statistics Obtained Edit

Rags Edit

  • Classes/Levels = [Tactician] Lv. 16 (+3.?)
  • Classes/Levels = [Leader] Lv. 15 (+2)
  • Conditions Met: [Leader] → [Chieftain] Class!
  • Classes/Levels = [Chieftain] Lv.15
  • Classes Consolidation: Removed = [Scavenger] + [Tinkerer]
  • Skills = [Tribe: Fleet Foot] + [Lesser Tinkering]
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