Chapter 3.33 is the thirty-fourth chapter of Volume 3.

Synopsis Edit

The chapter is about Erin's return to her inn. It shows Erin discovering that Lyon managed the inn while she was away. Zel Shivertail meets Erin and gets a bad first impression of her. Afterwards Erin meets the Halfseekers. After all the greeting are over Erin sets up the magical door creating a portal door to Octavia's shop. Erin travels thru the door many times getting it to lose its stored mana, so she is stuck for a short while. The mages put their mana into the door making it operable again. Erin comes back to her in and throws a party at her inn for her guests. Klbkch and Relc arrive and they mope at the inn lamenting the busyness of the inn and remember the times when the inn was first starting out. Olsem comes by and joins Relc and Klbkch. They all eventually join the party and start to have fun. After the party is over Erin levels up to level 30 becoming a [Magical Innkeeper].

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Locations Edit

Items Edit

  • Magical Doorway

Statistics Obtained Edit

Erin Solstice Edit

  • Classes/Levels = [Innkeeper] Lv. 30 (+1)
  • Conditions Met: [Innkeeper] → [Magical Innkeeper]
  • Skills = [Inn: Magical Grounds] + [Inn: Field of Preservation]
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