Chapter 3.36 is the thirty-seventh chapter of Volume 3.

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  • The Storm Raiders
  • The Ironshield Vanguard


  • A Gem - Enchanted with [Detect Truth].
  • Forceshield Buckler
  • A Sword with a Burnt Hilt - Enchanted to Amplifies the Weight of the Blade.
  • The Blade of a Sword, with the metal deformed in two places - The Enchanted is Defunct.
  • Flamespread Dagger
  • An Adventurer’s pack.
  • Bag of Holding - Enchanted to not let Magical Leakage, Able to Fit 20 Pounds of Weight Inside and Warded against Magical Damage.
  • 1 Healing Potion.
  • 1 Potion to Provide Sustenance.
  • 2 Potions which Prevent the user from needing to Breathe.
  • Bag of Pebbles - Enchanted to Shed [Light] for 24 hours, before fading until exposed to Sunlight for an equal amount of time.
  • Leather Ball with an Angry Face Stitched onto the leather in Red Thread - Enchanted to Scream.
  • Platinum Ring - Enchanted with a Tier 4 spell to send a piercing spell flying at the target.
  • [Barkskin] Ring
  • Ring of Jumping
  • An Iron Wood Wand with a Core - Will Boost any Mage’s Ability to Cast Spells Immensely and it doesn’t run dry
  • Ryoka's Bag of Holding
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