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Chapter 4.03 K is the fourth chapter of Volume 4.


  • Trey and Teresa watch Flos and Mars sparring with one another. Flos tells Trey that he isn't as suitable for Mars' teachings as Teres is and should be taught by Orthenon. Trey notices that Flos wants to split them, perhaps making them grow independent from each other.
  • Trey, Teres, Flos, Gazi, Orthenon and Maresar are in his throne room and discuss their next action.
  • The twins teach Flos about things from Earth, as it's being done every day. Flos constantly makes his kitchen staff cook food from Earth. Well, they try but often fail. This time he discovers that Earth is round, unlike innsworld.
  • The twins learn that this world has an edge where the ocean just ends.
  • Next, the twins to tells him of heroes and leaders that had managed to "shook" their world.
  • Flos shows that he knows some secrets about levels. For example, he is aware that "a person with a single class will always reach a higher level than one with many classes." It is an important secret of rulers, and why they forbid their offspring to take up common classes.”
  • They go back to past heroes and leaders. Trey states that there is a similarity between Flos and Hitler.
  • They have another meeting. Flos has difficulty to make a decision whether he should attack the city of Rast, whose citizens are starving.
  • He decides to take a walk, bringing all of his citizens with him outside of the city.
  • While walking Trey talks about religion.
  • During the walk, Flos secretly used his skill [Rapid March], allowing them to cover the vast distance without their notice; said skill allowed him to " conquer this continent without growing old."
  • They reached the city, whose [Major] makes his subjects believe that Flos hasn't risen yet. So Flos bascially confirmed the rumors by shouting his name and makes his people scream with him, making the city walls tremble. Shortly later, the city is his, not without blood being shed, though.



  • Reim
    • Flos's Castle
  • Rast