Chapter 4.04 K is the fifth chapter of Volume 4.

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  • Starts of with a messenger declaring war. He is a prince that wants to kill Flos for having killed his father over 10 years ago.
  • 2 more messengers came, both declaring war.
  • 2 other ones, offscreen though.
  • One nation sent just a box with a heart in it, which is the ancient tradition of their nation for declaring war. In the past said heart would have been a human one, while nowadays only an animal heart is used; probably because it's more convenient.
  • A bit war preparation
  • Trey wakes up to a scream. Gazi had killed an assassin. A child. She still had her creepy smile on.
  • They talk about the numbers of the enemies' forces, which are at roughly 70k in total.
  • Despite that overwhelming number, they don't seem to be overly nervous about it.Trey is shocked, as they have been shown to be completely calm after having heard that number, whereupon they state that the enemies have enlisted mostly low leveled individuals. Being new to the other world, Trey doesn't understand the significance of high levels.
  • Trey asks about the Seven and what they did for him.
  • Flos mentions one of the now deceased. A strategist responsible for leading his armies. He struggled to decide whether she was the best Strategist in the world or 2nd one.
  • She died in Baleros.
  • More detailed war preparation.
  • 1st battle begins. They are losing. Flos, who at that point was still in his castle in safety, decided to join the battle field to turn the tides.
  • A trap by his enemies.

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  • Reim
    • Flos's Castle

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