Chapter 4.10 is the eleventh chapter of Volume 4.

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  • Truth Detector
  • Sword with the Weight Enchantment. Given to Ksmvr.
  • Flamespread Dagger
  • Forceshield Buckler – Given to Yvlon.
  • [Barkskin] Ring – Given to Ksmvr.
  • Ring of Jumping – Given to Ksmvr.
  • Ring that shoots an attack spell – Given to Pisces.
  • Bag of Glowing Stones
  • Monster Lure
  • Healing Potions
  • Potion to Provide Sustenance.
  • 2 Potions which Prevent the user from needing to Breath.
  • Chest Plate, Vambraces, Greaves, Helmet and Gauntlets. Enchanted to Cushion Blows and make the Metal Stronger. – Given to Yvlon.
  • White Robes, Enchanted with a small protective charm and resistance to stains. – Given to Given to Pisces.
  • Waisrabbit Bone Wand – Given to Pisces.
  • Gazereye Stone Wand – Given to Ceria.
  • Ring, Enchanted with [Lightweight] – Given to Yvlon.
  • Ring, Enchanted with Water Breathing – Given to Ksmvr.
  • Everfreeze Ice Ring. The user can draw from the cold of the ice in situations where the temperature does not suit their spellcasting, and amplify the user ice spells. – Given to Ceria.
  • Spellbook filled with a few decent Tier 3 spells and some unusual Tier 2 and Tier 1 spells. – Given to Ceria.
  • Sword, Enchanted to be a bit Sharper and Sturdier. Good enough for a Gold-rank adventurer. – Given to Yvlon.
  • Cloak designed to protect from mundane arrows. – Given to Ksmvr.
  • Bow that can shoot twice as far. – Given to Ksmvr.
  • Enchanted Arrows. – Given to Ksmvr.
  • Strong Healing Potions and Mana Potions, enough to get a party of 4 all set up.
  • A Scroll.
  • A length of Enchanted Rope.
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