Chapter 4.13 L is the fourteenth chapter of Volume 4.

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Characters Edit

  • Pawn
  • 100 Painted Antinium Soldiers (25 Deceased)
    1. Yellow Splatters (First Appearance)
    2. Purple Slashes (Deceased)
    3. Shoulders Eyes (First Appearance)
    4. Green Five-Pointed Star (Deceased)
    5. Cup of Brown and Silver (Deceased)
    6. ‘7’ in turquoise (Deceased)
    7. White, Blue and Orange, Speckled Egg (Deceased)
    8. Sun rising over a Green Horizon (Deceased)
    9. Green Flower (Deceased)
    10. Blue Rainstorm and Clouds (Deceased)
    11. White Snowflake (Deceased)
    12. Black Cat with Orange Eyes (Deceased)
    13. Red Circle mixed with Yellow (Deceased)
    14. 46252, each in a Different Color (Deceased)
    15. Picture of a Bee on a Plate (Deceased)
    16. Smiley Face (Deceased)
    17. Stick-Person with Four Arms (Deceased)
    18. A word. ‘Winter’ (Deceased)
    19. Hive Map (Deceased)
    20. Eight lines and a Curvy Wave beneath it all (Deceased)
    21. Two stones, one shaped like a face, the other like no stone ever seen (Deceased)
    22. A question mark, drawn out of brown and a pale blue so bright it could have been white. (Deceased)
    23. A line that looped and spun and dove (Deceased)
    24. Pink and Yellow Cloud (Deceased)
    25. Paw Print in White. (Memory of the first Soldier ever to be painted.) (Deceased)
    26. Cup running over with Water (Deceased)
    27. Sun and Four Moons (Deceased)
    28. A Blade of Grass (Deceased)
  • Klbkch
  • Belgrade
  • Tersk
  • Bird
  • Aberration Worker (Deceased)
  • Xrn

Locations Edit

Creatures Edit

  • Shield Spider
  • Armor Golem
  • Crypt Worm
  • Poisonous Worm things with Wings
  • Not-Gnolls
  • Ghoul
  • Zombie
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