Chapter 5.42 is the forty-fourth chapter of Volume 5.

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Characters Edit

Locations Edit

Creatures Introduced Edit

  • Infested

Creatures Edit

  • Giant Maggots (Half Mature)
  • Enchanted Suits of Armor

Magical Artifacts Edit

  • Decorated Cup made of Red and White ceramic.
    • Once liquid is poured in the cup, it begins to hiss, and a thick, black gas emanate from it and clung to the closes being, engulfing them in a black mass, killing them
  • Calruz's Enchanted Axe. It is made of some kind of false gold metal, with a bright green edge.
    • Once the enchantment is activated, the green head on the golden metal shone bright, and the edge grow, turning transparent, until it is three times larger than the axe head.
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