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* [[Ilvriss Gemscale]]
* [[Ilvriss Gemscale]]
* Ilvriss's Adjutants
* Ilvriss's Adjutants
** Laskaillia (''First Official Appearance'') (''Identity Revealed'')
** [[Laskaillia]] (''First Official Appearance'') (''Identity Revealed'')
* [[Embria Grasstongue]]
* [[Embria Grasstongue]]
* [[Erin Solstice]]
* [[Erin Solstice]]

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Chapter 5.49 is the fifty-second chapter of Volume 5.





  • Magical Artifacts:
    • Golden Axe with the Green Edge (Calruz's former Enchanted Axe) = Enchanted with a combination of an Enlargement spell and Projection spell, which enables it to projects a huge, glowing magical blade, easily as long as the axe itself, from the jade edge.
    • Magnifying Lens = Enchanted to amplify vision and see magic.
    • Enchanted Bow made of some kind of Ivory.
    • Suit of Armor, made of what looked like blue metal and bronze.
    • Gags of Holding (Lesser)
    • Liquid Cloak
  • Treasure Haul, with pure gold Coins. Worth 110,000 gold pieces, with 30,000 as a give or take margin for error.

Statistics Obtained


  • Classes/Levels = [Warrior] Lv. 20 (+1)
  • Conditions Met: [Warrior] → [Champion]
  • Skills = [Champion’s Gear] + [Grand Slash] + [Valor of Champions]
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