Chapter 6.50 I is the fifty-sixth chapter of Volume 6.

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Characters Edit

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Items Edit

  • Bag of Holding
  • Magical Door
  • Pelt's Masterwork Knife
  • Acid Jars
  • Salazsar Ring
  • Hangover Potion
  • Stamina Potion
  • Song Crystal
  • Ring enchanted with [Truth]
  • The Antinium Wars (Pt. 2), by Krsysl Wordsmith (Book)
  • Necromancy, Its Rise and Fall, by Sir Hilten, [Autumn Knight] of the Order of Seasons (Book)
  • Mirror of True Seeing
  • Diadem of Inner Thoughts
  • Adamantine-tipped Spear. Enchanted with a [Piercing] Spell.
  • Magical Bed
  • Strength Enhancing Rings
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