Chapter 7.00 is the 1st chapter of Volume 7.

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Teriarch and a weyr of Frost Wyverns battle and he manages to push them out of his territory. They migrate south...

Fals makes a run to Liscor at the beginning of summer and stops in Esthelm to buy a cooling stone. As he arrives in Liscor, he witnesses the ongoing city expansion and how humans from the North are migrating to Liscor. Meanwhile, the locals are excited because the Wandering Inn is reopening after two weeks of downtime.

In fact, the inn reopens right after Relc and Klbkch return the magic door to the Wandering Inn. The guests are welcomed by Lyonette to the new thoroughly redesigned Inn. Erin however is still absent, currently taking a vacation near Pallass, and just now on her way back to her inn.

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( * = First Appearance)

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Items Edit

  • Magical Trident - Vaporized whatever it hits, even Wyverns hide.
  • Magical Arrowheads - Explode into a rain of magical crystal that are so sharp and propelled so fast by the explosion that they can pierce even Wyvern hide. (Used all)
  • Cooling Stones
  • Blacksmith’s Puzzle
  • Magical Door
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