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Chapter 7.22 D is the 35th chapter of Volume 7.


The Bushrangers of the United Nations Company goes to check on a potential Earther [Explorer], which would later be revealed to be named Dev, who had been lived for 5 months in The Dyed Lands, a dangerous place like the Blood Fields. Unfortunately they were to late as he had already been killed by a monster, by the time they even started to look for him. His remains, journal, possessions and a number of potentially medically useful substances, were discovered by the [Adventurer] Mexisa and her Lizardfolk team, who handed them over to them in-exchange for money and for the promise that Geneva will look after them if they ever need to.

Geneva is still furious with Daly and Paige over the black powder and bombs making thing, which leaded to UN Company to slit between those who think Geneva is right and those who think Dally and Paige are right.

At the UN home Kirana reads Dev's journal and tells Luan that Dev wrote about a scary woman showing up in his camp one night, bypassing all the traps he had set and leaving no footprints, to offered him something and wanted Dev to take her hand. Dev did not accept because he feared that she was a Bhoot (a spirit or devil). Kirana would continue saying that this even occurred in the middle of winter, which would remind Luan of a similar encounter at sea with a woman who he had refused to touch her hand.

Geneva discovers that the Yellow Rivers is some kind of bacterial strain as they're able to cultivate it in petri dishes. The STD has unfortunately mutated and can now be spread through smear infection on all mucus membranes (mouth, nose...).

They present this to the leader of the Featherfolk brigade trying to get quarantine measures put in place. Fezimet opposes until Geneva demonstrates the impact the disease could have on their fighting ability: Healing potions show disastrous effects when combined with the illness.

Geneva has been working nonstop, barely sleeping. Okasha has gained the class [Inner Friend] and leveled rapidly getting a number of useful skills for Geneva. Okasha is getting more and more tired of working all the time and getting a very limited amount of her own time in the driver seat. Okasha has a skill which essentially puts Geneva in a box inside her own mind where she can think but cannot leave herself: Okasha has to let her out. There are more and more arguments between Geneva and Okasha on bodily health and what they're spending their time doing. Okasha has also tweaked Geneva's perceptions so that they get to like the same food.

Geneva gains a skill that allows her to see disease in people. The protective suits they had made aren't working and a number of the [Nurses] get sick.

Niers in the meantime has had every attempt to meet Geneva thwarted because of her staying to treat patients at the clinic. Niers assigns all of his remaining students in pairs to try and investigate/recruit Geneva for the Forgotten Wing Company. They are authorized to recruit the entire UN company if that is what it takes. Marian and Umina end of volunteering to help in the clinic but the other pairs of students are in the city. Niers did this to make it seem like a class assignment in order to protect his interest in Geneva and what he suspects of her being from earth.

The Yellow Rivers situation is getting worse, they desperately need more workers. Hundreds of selphids show up to learn to become [Doctor]s and [Nurse]s. Renting out an inn these Selphids get Geneva to come to visit with Calectus, the important Selphid who was her [Bodyguard] on the battlefields before. Calectus knows that Okasha has disabled control for Geneva, while Okasha pretends to be her: That is no longer skirting in grey territory but clearly breaking the ultimate taboo for a Selphid. Okasha is forcefully removed from Geneva and put in a holding jar. A new Selphid, Idis, was chosen by the Selphid leadership to be Geneva's replacement companion. Idis is a fighter-type and immediately takes full control over Geneva's body.


( * = First Appearance)


  • Baleros
    • The Dyed Lands
      • ‘Red Zone’ / Crimson Blend
    • Elvallian
    • Talenqual
      • The United Nations Company's Headquarters (x4 Houses)
      • ? - Bar
      • Geneva’s clinic
      • Featherfolk Brigade's Headquarters Tower
      • ? - Inn



  • Eatswarms (First Time Mentioned)
  • Charging Leomouths (First Time Mentioned)


  • Dev's Journal
  • Crossbows
  • Bag of Holding
  • Black-powder Bomb
  • Smartphone
  • The Pallassian Times - Newspaper (Downscaled to Fraerling size)
  • Nali-sticks
  • Healing Crystals (Mentioned)
  • Speaking Stone, with short-range
  • Holding-jar


  • Yellow Rivers
  • Petriplague (Mentioned)

Statistics Obtained[]

Geneva Scala[]

  • Classes/Levels = [Doctor] Lv. 34 (+?)
  • Skill = [Disease Detector]