The following table is an attempt to track all the events that happened in "Innworld" since the arrival of Erin Solstice in the first chapter of "The Wandering Inn"; and refer them by chapter.

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Timeline Edit

Note: This timeline assumes that common weeks are seven days long[1] and that a common month has about 30 days (possible, but not proven). There is reason to believe that time flows at a different pace in Innworld than on Earth; as Innworld days seem to be longer and one season consists of four instead of three months.[2] The exact differences in timekeeping have yet to be revealed.
Note: This timeline is still under construction; help is appreciated.
There are sometimes points in the story where it is unclear how much time has passed between chapters. For this reason, the days have an alphabetical "continuity marker", which is incremented each time when the continuity of the days succeeding each other is interrupted.
Continuity + Day number Day name by events Main story Chapters Side story chapters
a1 The Day of Erin's arrival 1.00 - 1.02
a2 The Day after Erin arrived, when she discovered the Amentus, the river and the poisonous fish 1.02 - 1.04
a3 The Day after Erin hurt herself trying to gut fishes 1-05
a4 The Day of Erin meeting Relc and Klbkch 1.06-1.08
a5 The Day of Erin meeting Pisces 1.08 - 1.09
a6 The second Day after Erin meets R+K, and when she throws them and Pisces out of her inn 1.10-1.11
a7 The Day when more Earthworlders are summoned, including Americans.[3] ? Interlude - 1
a8 (?)
= b1
the exact number of days before Erin first goes to Liscor is unknown[4]
b1 The Day when Erin goes to Liscor (1st time) 1.12 - 1.14
b2 The Day of the Chieftain attacking Erin 1.15-1.17
b3-5 three days pass with Erin reovering from shock 1.18
b6 The Day when Erin goes to Liscor (2nd time). Ryoka is in Innworld for a week now. 1.19-1.20 1.01 R
b7 The Day Erin has her period[5] and invents Acid Fly harvesting 1.21
b8 The Day after Erin invented Acid Fly harvesting 1.22
b9 The Day Erin feeds Klbkch the Acid flies she caught so far. In Chandrar, Flos interrogates the twins. 1.23 Int. King
b13-b58 (?) the Antinium workers and Rags visit the inn for the first time[6] / In Ryoka's story, at least one week has passed since 1.01 R, but possibly more time. 1.24 1.02 R-1.03 R
c1 In Liscor, Klbkch dies. In Celum, Ryoka is stuck with a broken leg. 1.25-1.27 1.04 R
c8 The day Ceria contacts Pisces. "Several days" have passed in the Inn since Klb's death. Ryoka's leg is now broken since a week. 1.28 1.05 R
c9 (??)
= d1
The Horns are rushing Ryoka to Liscor in a single night[7] where she's healed. At that time, Erin is out adventuring, destroys Shield Spiders, meets Gazi. Zara Walker's arrival in Innworld. Lyonette arrives in Liscor. 1.29-1.31 1.06 R
d2 The Day after Erin meeting Gazi, she visits the ruins' dungeon entrance with Selys. Ryoka is getting back to Celum and resting for two days. 1.32 1.07 R
d3 The second Day after Erin meeting Gazi, someone burglars her inn; she buys equipment for Rags; and gets Toren as present. 1.32
d4 The Day after Erin gets Toren, the Antinium build her an outhouse. 1.33
d6 Ryoka is blocked in the Runner's guild for several days[8]. Ryoka runs to the High Passes, returns on the same evening. In the Wandering Inn, this time period is probably the starting point for the Mating Rituals sidestory, which then takes place over the next four days. S01 - MR 1.07 R-1.10 R
d7 The Night and following day when Ryoka and Erin learn about magic. Rose arrives in Innworld. 1.34-1.35 1.11 R-1.12 R
d8 The Day the Horns of Hammerad arrive in Liscor. Ryoka passes Liscor without stopping. 1.36
d9 1st morning of the HoH emerging in Erin's Inn.[9]Erin performs "Immortal Song". Ryoka's 2nd day towards the Bloodfields. 1.37, 1.38
d10 2nd morning of the HoH in Erin's inn. Erin is sick. Ryoka's 3rd day to the Bloodfields. 1.39, 1.40
d11 The Day when Calruz teaches Erin how to fight. Ryoka stumbles around in the Bloodfields, then turns back. 1.41
d12 The Day of the Expedition into the Ruins (morning). Skinner's Attack on Liscor (evening). Ryoka on the rerun back to Liscor. 1.00 H-1.44
d13 The Day after Skinner's attack on Liscor. Ryoka meets Gazi, dead Gnolls. 1.45
d14 Ryoka is back in Liscor: devastated. Then Meeting Erin and having the Rxlvn night.[10] 1.45-2.01
d15 The Day of Winter starting in Liscor. 2.02-2.06
d16 The first full day of Winter in Liscor. Ryoka starts running north. 2.07
d17 The Day Ryoka meets Octavia.[11] 2.08
d18 The Day the Inn explodes. Toren sent away. Ryoka on her second run to Teriarch and back. 2.09-2.11 2.12 / 2.14 G
d19 The Day when Erin introduces hamburgers to Liscor. Ryoka on delivery runs, then meets Valceif. 2.13 2.15
d20 The Day when Erin gets the magical chessboard. Ryoka for the first time makes the 88 miles Celum-Liscor distance in under a day by running without pause during the night. iPhone festival in Liscor. 2.16-2.17
d21 The Day of the first chess matches between Niers and Erin. Ryoka starts her Az'kerash run. Toren back in the inn. Rags starts her conquest of tribes. Lyonette is caught.[12] 2.18-2.20 2.19 G
d22 The Day of the Faery Banquet. First Day of Ryoka's Az'kerash run.[13] Rags conquers the Jawbreakers. 2.21 2.28
d23 The Day after the Faery Banquet, when Lyonette is rescued by Erin. 2.23
d24 The first day of misery for Lyonette and Erin. 2.25 2.24 T
d25 The second day of misery; Lyonette steals all money but is brought back. Fourth day of Ryoka's Az'kerash run. She's now at the Blood Fields. 2.25 2.24 T, 2.28
d26 (?)

d26+X (?)
More bad days[14] in a montage. Misery for Lyonette, adventures for Toren, Gnolls shunning Erin.
The Day of the Gnoll attack.
2.25-2.26 2.24 T, 1.00 C-1.01 C
d27 Sixth day of Ryoka's Az'kerash run. She crosses a lake.
Rags conquers the Gold Stone Tribe and meets Garen.[15]
2.28, 2.27 G
d29 (?) Eigth day of Ryoka's Az'kerash run.[16] 2.28
d30 (?) The Day where Rags defeats Garen's Redfang Tribe.[17] 2.27 G
e1 The Day that Ryoka meets the Stonespear Tribe 2.28
e2 The Day where Ryoka rests and heals, and meets Mrsha 2.28
e3 The Day when Ryoka tells Earth stories to the Gnolls and Faeries 2.28
e4 The Day Ryoka leaves the Stonespear Tribe[18] 2.28
e8 The Day Ryoka meets Ilvriss, Zel, and Az'kerash 2.29
The Day that Pawn learns about Religion.[19] 2.31
e10 The Day Ryoka starts walking north again after spending two days recovering in a cave. 2.34
e10+ (e13?) ? The Day Ryoka joins the search for Mrsha and finds the child.[20] Nightly winter battle between Zel and Goblin Lord. 2.34, 2.35
e10+ (e15-e21?) ? Ryoka and Mrsha bound for Liscor, running out of food.[21] 2.39
f1 The Day the Horns of Hammerad are re-founded. Same day: Liscor learns about Zel's defeat by Goblin Lord; Reynold takes Erin to Magnolia. Antinium begin excavation of Liscor's Dungeon (scheduled to finish within three days). 2.32 H, 2.33
f2 The Day Erin meets Magnolia.[22] 2.37, 2.38
f3 The last time Rags visits Erin's inn; Ryoka returns and brings Mrsha.[23] 2.39 2.39
f4 Mrsha's first day in the inn. 2.40
f5 Ryoka meets Klbkch; Erin invents sleigh. At the ruins of Albez, Pisces starts complaining. 2.42, 2.43 2.41, 3.02 H
f6 Toren abducts Erin in the morning, Erin arrives in Celum in the afternoon and makes a deal with Octavia. 2.43, 2.44
f7 Ryoka starts running to Teriarch's cave in less than a day, then is teleported to Celum. Rags sieges Esthelm. The Free Hive unearths Liscor's Dungeon (having needed seven days), resulting in a [Dangersense] warning for all of Izril. Selys takes in Mrsha.[24] 2.43, 2.45-2.48
f8 The Goblin Lord's army passes Liscor. 3.05 L
f9 Horns of Hammerad run out of monetary founds in Albez.[25] 3.02 H
f10 The Day the Horns of Hammerad have their breakthrough. Near Liscor, Lyonette chases away Olesm from the Inn. 3.02 H, 3.05 L, Chapter 3.07 H, Chapter 3.08 H
f10 of f11 Erin and Ryoka in Celum for the fourth day, banned from Adventurers Guild[26] 3.03
f11 or f12 Runner's Guild in Celum attacked by Frost Faeries 3.04
f11 Messages from Liscor to Erin and Ryoka 3.05 L
f12 Lyonette recruits Olesm to help her.[27] 3.05 L
f12 or f13 Ivolethe can't teach Ryoka magic (before noon); Ryoka runs to Ocre, meets the Horns after their return from Albez. 3.05 9
Continuity + Day number Day name by events Main story Chapters Side story chapters
L1 The Day of Laken's arrival 3.00 E
L2 The Day after Laken's arrival. Cooking with Durene, learning about classes. 3.00 E
L3 The Day when children tease Durene while fishing 3.00 E
L5 The Day when Durene helps Prost 3.00 E
L6 The Day when Laken's starts looking for a class 3.00 E
L8 The Day when Laken first visits Riverfarm 3.00 E
L11 The Day when Laken decides to be an [Emperor] 3.00 E
L12 The Day after Laken has become an Emperor 3.00 E
L13-19 Laken thinks, learns, helps with Durene's harvest 3.01 E
L20 first snow in Riverfarm, Yesel tries to convince Laken to get away from Durene 3.01 E
L22 Prost reveals to Laken that Durene is a half-Troll 3.01 E
L23 Laken finds the [King's Bounty] and first sleeps with Durene 3.01 E
L27 Durene helps fix a roof in Riverfarm 3.01 E
L28 and L29 Laken makes Durene a [Paladin] 3.01 E
L30 heavy snowfall in Riverfarm 3.01 E

Continuity remarks Edit

  1. Interlude - Talia
  2. Chapter 6.68
  3. Ryoka's arrival is either now or in the following period of "a?"
  4. depending on how large her food cache was: The day "b1" could be equal to "a7" oder "a8" meaning that she went to Liscor just the day after meeting Pisces. If Erin strung out her food for another week, "b1" could equal "a14" which is possible but unlikely. Due to her period (see "b7"), the maximum of undocumented days at this point would be around "a20"
  5. Erin' can't have been longer in InnWorld than 1 month at this point
  6. Math conclusions from Interlude - 2: about 45 days are undocmented for Erin before "d14". Some of those could be located in the continuity break between "a" and "b", most of them would best fit in the break between "b" and "c": It is likely that there were only a few days more after "b8" with Klb, Relc and Pisces as Erin's only guests; after "b13" Erin might have subsisted on the additional goblin and worker guests for over a month.
  7. This is very doubtful, as they put Ryoka on a cart and had to travel 88 miles. Possible explanation: Ryoka was feverish, and could have probably missed that they were underway for two days. This, combined with problems to pinpoint the other "c" dates, is the reason for another continuity break here, going on with "d".
  8. The Runner's guild blocked Ryoka for exactly "four days", but this timeline assumes that her two resting days are included in that count, compare the remark at "d9"
  9. Olesm mentions that "nearly a week" has passed since "d1", but "just a bit less than that, I believe". The timeline here works with eight days.
  10. Additional Information from the Group chat: Either Erin was not the first Earthworlder in Innworld, or she has at this point spent more than 85 days in InnWorld, because ayan has counted her time and came up with 78 days in total. The additional 45 days can possibly be fitted before "c1", see there.
  11. Missing day(s?) in Erin's storyline: Ryoka's storyline covers three (or better four days) here, while only two days pass in Liscor.
  12. Here, Erin remembers that it has been over a month that Klb first introduced workers to chess... or was it two months? Both assumptions work with the workers being introduced before "d1".
  13. This numbering assumes that since Ryoka started her run on an evening, the "day number" increases each morning (as indicated in 2.28)
  14. The exact number is unknown; but Toren has enough time outside to get experience killing things. When the Gnolls attack, a week or even two could have passed, and Erin's speech is another indication of this.
  15. "Less than a week" after she started the conquest.
  16. The exact number of days Ryoka needed to get to the Gnolls is unknown. Chapter 2.28 indicates as much as 12 days or more, while Ryoka told the Gnolls it has been "over a week". This could mean that d33 = e1, but at most d36 = e1 (which would be "over two weeks")
  17. The exact number of days was not exactly said, but it was at least three days of retreating towards Liscor.
  18. She had in total 3 days of Gnoll hospitality, two of them when she was getting warmer with the Frost Faeries
  19. Not possible to date exactly, between the adjacent chapters.
  20. Probably two or three days after e10?
  21. Ryoka mentions it has been several days since the battle, but not how many. Ryoka needed over a week to get to the Gnolls in her trip south, being harrassed by the Faeries; on her rebound trip she was injured and had to care for Mrsha. The possible number of days passed ranges from two (assuming the Faeries helped with miracles, as is implied in Chapter 2.45, and weakly indicated in Chapter 2.48) over eight (straight journey) to even more days. The last day of that journey is the same as "f3".
  22. Erin has spent three to four months in Innworld by now. Given her gender, it is unlikely that she made up that number: she had probably three periods and is waiting for the fourth.
  23. Ryoka's run from Erin to the Necromancer and back (d21 to f3) can be estimated to have taken between 25 to 40 days
  24. Also, it has been "over a week" since day e8. Unless "over a week" also includes "over two weeks", this makes f3 = e15 (eleven days since e8) more likely than (for example) f3 = e18 (fourteen days since e8).
  25. After spending eight nights outside: This timeline assumes that the nights after "f1" but before the HoH arrived at Albez (likely two or three in transit?) are included in this counting. Otherwise, the timeline stretches some days more, and this is about day f12.
  26. Having spent three days in Celum already, Octavia complains about this being the fourth. Also, the battle of ch. 2.35 happened "a week ago".
  27. She also mentions that she "waited tables for nearly a month". If that is supposed to be the entire time between d24 (?) and f12 (or f6), it means that it was less than a month between those dates.
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