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Dame Chise is a [Summer Knight] of the Order of Seasons.




She is an experienced [Knight] and has specialized in riding.[1]

She has fought Dullahans before, and participated in Goblin extermination, which she found gruesome although she understood the necessity of it, or so she claimed.


She arrived in Riverfarm through the grand ritual together with 28 other [Knights], led by Ser Raim. Nine Seasonal [Knights] perished, but the rest of them left Riverfarm directly after Belavierr won the fight, since back in Terandria, [Knight Commander] Calirn didn't wish to declare Belavierr an enemy of the Order.

The group of [Knights] then traveled Izril, met the Goblin Slayer and slew a group of Ogres together.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Like most senior seasonal [Knights], she has an Aura Skill. Additionally, she has a more permanent radiance that always shines arounds her, even in the shadow.


  • [Summer Knight], Lv. ?[1]


  • [First to Battle] (a riding skill)


She is armed with a morning star and a lance.



  • (To the other Knights of the Order) “[H]e will kill each Goblin in that tribe. And I have done so. They are children and mothers. It is not chivalry to do that.”