The Circle of Thorns is an old organisation of nobles that has emerged several times over the years and caused death.

Background Edit

The Circle came forth at the very least three times in the past. The most recent time was two generations ago. They slew members of the Five Families,[1] which should be when Magnolia's great grandmother had to deal with them.[2]

More than just their enemies had they killed, amongst them being witches, 312 to be exact. So far, their earliest appearance occured when war between the north and south took place.[1]

Strength Edit

The Circle of Thorns has connections in every place, even in Lady Magnolia's estate, to the point that they can prepare a subverted control spells for her Golems.

They can sneak attack Lady Magnolia, without a hint of warning from her informants and spies. This is done by compromising them, like catching some of them off-guard, bribed or threatened others and exploiting the traitorous ones.

In their first attack, they subvert all of her outer defenses, by hiring a powerful mage strong enough to bypass her wards, hiring a group of [Assassins] to take down her mage and even made sure to choose someone she trusted enough to let into her estate.[3]

Members Edit

Petals of Death - Inner Council Members Edit

The real leader of the Circle. Only a select few can obtain this position, as entry to the Petals wasn’t based on sheer power, but about loyalty and commitment to the Circle. There are currently 7 of them.

Roots of Contempt - High Ranked Members Edit

The agents of the Petals of Death, who are second only to them. They have the authority to listen, even recommend to the Circle what to do.

Thorns of Contempt - Mid Ranked Members Edit

Term for those who are 2 ranks up from someone who’s just been introduced to the Circle. These members are powerful, and are able to ask for favors from the Circle.

Low Ranked Members Edit

The petty outsides with all their pretensions at being part of ‘the Circle of Thorns’.

Former Members Edit

  • Nemor - Unknown Rank (Deceased)

Trivia Edit

  • It took Lady Magnolia's great grandmother her entire life to sort out the Circle of Thorns, which, according to her diary, was a nightmare.[2]

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