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Classes are a function that exists within the System that governs Innworld.


A class is something that represents a hobby or profession. As you gain levels in a class, you will gain new Skills, enabling you to do things that you would not be able to do normally. Leveling and gaining a class relies on mentality - if you are convinced that you cannot cook, or you do not find cooking to be important, for example, it is unlikely that you will ever gain a [Basic Cooking] skill, regardless of your actual skill in cooking - an example of this can be seen with Erin Solstice's lack of the [Tactician] class, despite her skill in chess.

The majority of people reach Level 20 in at least one class over the course of their lives. Much less individuals manage to reach Level 30; A handful in each town; a few dozen in a city. Few people ever reach Level 40, and they tend to be quite famous. People who have reached Level 50 or above are generally known throughout the world.[1] Individuals capable of shaking the world reached Level 60. As for 70, that's where legends were born.[2]

There is a hierarchy among classes. In the case of classes that are able to influence people, the best ones are capable of influencing even entire kingdoms; among those are royal classes, such as [King], [Queen], [Princess], etc.[3]

Not all those who have the same class are the same, as they pursue different goals their skills and classes reflect that. As an example for the [King] Class is, those who sit upon thrones and pursue peace, under their rule crops grow mightily, and their people rest under an aegis of protection, while Kings who pursues war, will lead the people into battle, not replenish the land or rebuild.[4]


"Once of course, all races fought with tooth and claw and magic, but then they divided. Those who decided to forsake their natures and pursue a different truth received the gift of [Leveling], while those creatures who stayed true to their nature kept the might of their natures instead."[5]

“All those that Think—Feel. From Feeling do we Act. It is in Action that we Level. All those who Think have a Class. And it is in that Class which we find destiny.”

- Book of Levels[6]

Leveling comes from learning, and trials. Those who consistently do the same will not level. More importantly, classes are based on what a person pursues. In Erin's case, as she considered chess only as a game, she did not receive the [Tactician] class.[7] Certain races are unable to level, such as Dragons and Djinni,[8]

The voice that announces the gained levels is speaking a universal language that can be understood by everyone.[9]

Ivolethe refers to the system as a "thing of dead gods".[10]


Not everybody with the same class gets the same Skills. It depends on what the person needs and desires for the system to decide which Skills to hand out.[11]

Rare Skills are bestowed every ten levels.[12]

Class Change[]

It is possible for classes to receive a different name later on. One reason for a change could be due to a specialisation in a certain field. A [Warrior], for instance, might decide to solely focus on using a specific weapon, like a spear, which might result in them becoming a [Spearmaster] after reaching a high enough level. Another reason could be a simple advancement, one example would be a [Tactician] becoming a [Strategist]. That said, depending on the skills, a person's class might never change, no matter how high it is.[13] Finally, a class can change depending on the individual's circumstances, or physical characteristics. For example, a [Warrior] becoming a [Wounded Warrior] after being severely injured on the battlefield, or a [Spearmaster] becoming a [Peerless Spearmaster] after reaching a certain amount of renown or respect in their class.

Known Changes:[]


  • [Tactician] → [Leader] or [General]
  • [Warrior] → [Spearmaster], [Swordslayer], [Knight], [Vanguard], [General], [Bannerman]/[Bannerlady]
  • [Skeleton Warrior] → [Skeleton Knight]
  • [Lord] → [King], [Queen]
  • [Bandit] → [Bandit Lord]
  • [Scout] → [Veteran Scout]
  • [Cook] → [Rocksoup Cook] → [Eternal Rocksoup Cook]
  • [Mage] → [Elementalist] → [Cryomancer]/[Ice Mage] (This is only one of the many paths a mage may take)
  • [Kicker] → [Football Player]
  • [Tracking Sergeant] → [Goblinfriend Bug-Captain]
  • [Survivor] → [Underworld Survivor]
  • [Necromancer] → [Ossific Necromancer] → [Deathbane Necromancer]


  • [Tactician] → [Strategist] (Usually either at Level 30 [Tactician] or Level 20 [Tactician] combined a military rank like a Level 10 [Sergeant][14]) → [Grandmaster Strategist]
  • [Queen] → [Supreme Matriarch]
  • [Carer] → [Governess][15]
  • [Flailmaster] → [Iron Tempest] → [Steel Tempest] → [Steelforged Whirlwind] (Note: it is unconfirmed whether [Steel Tempest] is an advancement of [Iron Tempest], or whether this is a continuity error][16]
  • [Innkeeper] → [Magical Innkeeper]
  • [Goth] → [Midnight Goth]
  • [Acolyte] → [Priest]
  • [Vanguard of the Spear] → [Spearmaster]
  • [Coach] → [Famed Coach] → [World-Renowned Coach]
  • [Warrior] → [Veteran Warrior] → [Exemplar Warrior]
  • [Magic Paint Shaman] → [Shaman of the Old Ways]


Classes can be removed and given. Doing so is not easy, but can be done by a [King] or other [Ruler]-type class.[17] A notable class removal and change was when [Emperor] Laken removed Prost's [Farmer], [Builder], and [Trader] classes by making him a [Steward].[18]

Losing Classes:[]

It is possible to lose a class, if one no longer qualify for the class, does something that goes against the class, in short failing the class condition. For example the [Hero] class can be lost if one is no longer a hero, as this class is reliant on public perception and knowing what made one lose it can be difficult.[19] Geneva was sure she'd lose her [Doctor] class if she were to break her oath. It is unknown if this is true and if it applies only to her.[20]

A [King] that no longer consider himself a [King], stops acting as a [King] and people stop thinking about him as a [King], can lose the class with all the skills associated with it.[21] If one were to again qualify for the class one can regain the lost levels and skills.[22]

It is also possible to experience a Class change in place of losing of class. A [King] that abdicates his throne is no longer a [King]. Therefore the [King] class is lost, however the person can gain a [Former King]-type of class. This change will result in the loss of some (or all) skills, depending on the skills. What level the new class starts on is unknown.[23]

Horror Ranks[]

Horror Ranks are classes which may be gained by doing the most terrible of deeds. They cannot be earned any other way. They are not real classes either, as they are born of despair and filth.[24]

It is also possible to lose a class and its skills by obtaining and leveling up a Horror Rank. While one does not lose their class and skills from the start, as the Horror Rank increases in level, one's class levels will decrease and skills will be lost,[25] until the class is completely lost. It is currently unknown if losing the Horror Ranks will restore one's class levels and skills, or not.

Class Merging[]

It is possible for two classes to merge to create a new, hybrid class. For instance, a [Warrior] and a [Strategist] class may merge to form a [Commander] class. Class merging is rare, and it may require enough levels in both classes and/or fulfilling rare conditions.
It is even regarded a secret, seemingly an important one, as royal families think it necessary to pass this information down to the next generation. Generally speaking, merged classes are better than normal ones.[26]

It has been hinted that the [Maid] class can be combined with many other classes into hybrid classes, for example towards [Maid Mage], [Maid Fighter] or [Maid Assassin]. While it's possible this happens via specialization, a merge seems more likely.[27]

Known Merges:[]

  • [Warrior] + [Strategist] = [Commander][28]
  • [Commander] + [Strategist] = [Eleleu Strategos]
  • [Warrior] + [Rider] = [Dragoon][29]
  • [Leader] + [Scavenger] + [Tinkerer] = [Chieftain]
  • (Royal classes, such as [Lord], [Princess])[30]
  • [Blademaster] =
  • [Princess] + [Warrior] + [Barmaid] + [Beast Tamer] + [Carer] + [Tactician] = [Worldly Princess]
  • [King] + [Duelist]= [King of Challenges]
  • [Gardener] + [Beast Tamer] + [Mage] = [Druid]
  • [Eternal Rocksoup Cook] + [Herdmistress of the Land] = [Stonesoup Herdmistress of the Greatland]
  • [Chieftain] + [Big Eater] + [Beast Tamer] → [Chieftain of the Maw]

Cultural differences[]

The name of the same Class can vary depending on the culture. For example, a [Warrior] could be a [Fighter] in a different culture.[31]

Known Cases:[]

  • [Warrior] - [Fighter]
  • [Knight] - [Axemaster]
  • [Assassin]-[Ninja]
  • [Cryomancer] - [Ice Mage[32]


Ryoka has speculated that there is a hard level cap or soft cap of 100. That theory has been supported by Klbkch's review of several hundred individuals with high levels, whose cumulative level rarely approaches one hundred.[33] Furthermore, that research has shown that individuals with more than two well-leveled classes rarely surpass Level 30


People have become narrow-minded in certain areas due to the system. If one does something without having a class in that area, one already expects to be a failure in it.

Gaining classes & skills can also decrease true mastery and understanding of certain skills and concepts.

This often leads to overestimating people with higher levels as a result. Or a lack of motivation.

The cumulative leveling affect is also an obstacle, as it has been shown that people who are unsure of their future can accidentally stunt their growth. And continue to stunt it unless they consolidate their classes.

Some classes have been shown to be purposefully harmful to their holders as well. Like the [Slave] class and the [Drunk] class. Even though they aren’t Horror Ranks.

List of Classes[]

See here.


  • The Book of Levels, a book that was originally written nearly a thousand years ago, is part of the education of any child, which teaches them the essence of leveling.[34]
  • It was hinted by the Faeries that the system was created by the Gods.
  • Some people worship levels instead of Gods. In some places leveling is preached and those with the highest level are even worshiped. Also, some speculate that each person has a maximum level , and when that level is reached, then they have also reached the end of their life.[35]
  • A person gets a better-than-average skill at Level 20.[36]
  • In Izril, once a person gets past Level 30, they becomes approximately one of a thousand on the continent. Their skills become in such high demand that they earn much more money than anyone else. Anyone with a class that involves managing land or selling or buying goods can earn thousands of gold coins each month.[37]
  • Usually almost everyone reaches Level 20 before they die.[38] An exception to the rule is the [Mage] class. People possessing that class rarely reach even Level 20, which is the result of a lack of a centralized education.[39]
  • Those that manage to reach Level 30 usually need decades to do so.[40]
  • In regards to the leveling speed, Selys once stated that if she had started training with the sword at a young age, she would have likely been now a Level 12 [Warrior]. However, if she were to start pursuing the path only now, when she is already 20-ish years old, it would probably take her 10 years to reach Level 20. That said, if she were a soldier fighting on the front lines, it would perhaps only take a year or two, which, of course, would be much more dangerous.[41]
  • Classes don't always start from level 1. For instance, when Erin receives the [Singer] class, she is immediately started at level 6,[42] and when Selys receives the [Heiress] class, she starts at level 4.
  • Some classes dictate the way people look. [Mages], for instance, tend to look younger and thinner, while [Farm Workers] will have a stronger build. That isn't to say that one's appearance keeps changing with every class one receives. The deciding factor is usually which class was gained first. [43] But it may just be a consequence of the lifestyle of the people who have those Classes (since [Farmers] work the fields and [Mages] burn calories when using magic). That said, some Classes can bring drastic changes to a person which overrule their previous appearance, this can be achieved through Skills like when Garia gained [Weight Control] or some physical changes intrinsic to the Class, like Yvlon's [Silversteel Armsmistress] giving her metallic arms. Lady Wuvren's Class, [Eternal Beauty] keeps her young despite her advanced age, though the exact mechanics involved aren't known yet.
  • Most people don’t gain their classes until they turn fourteen.[44]
  • The Time of Grandeur is a term used by the nobility of Izril and Terandria to refer to Level 50.[45]