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Cognita is a Sentient-class Truestone Golem, designed by Archmage Zelkyr to oversee Wistram Academy and its mages, and guard the upper floors of the school.


Cognita is an eight-feet tall Golem whose body, consisting of grey stone, has been carved to make her look like an inhumanly perfect woman[1] with a white porcelain face.[2]

When she moves, which she does as gracefully as a dancer,[3] her robes, made of rock as well, ripple, making them appear to be nothing but cloth.[4]

Despite being composed of stone, she gives off the impression that she is a living person made of flesh. Cognita's emerald eyes can blink[2] and her face, while usually impassive, is capable of making expressions.[5]


Cognita is an intimidating figure. While she carries an impassive bearing, she is usually polite and patient with everyone in Wistram. However, most of the students and [Mages] either fear or hate her, thanks to her history and reputation of having killed more [Mages] than anyone in the school, which Cognita is not bothered by. She tends to terrify and confuse people, she is a monster to them but doesn't look and act like one.[6]

She respects the will of the academy but makes it a point to remain strictly neutral among the squabbling factions, having seen refusing to intervene in a inter-academy conflict.[7] However, she has been seen acting of her own initiative in defiance of the council, seen when she graduated Pisces and Ceria as full accredited Wistram [Mages] While helpful and subservient, her primary loyalty is to Zelkyr, with everyone and everything coming in a distinct second. Opposed to many people's belief, Cognita can feel passion, which Pisces noted when he told her of his ambitions, of what might be done with magic that had never been attempted before.[6]

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Eldavin noted that compared to other Sentient-class Golems he had met, Cognita seemed like a child. He discovered that this is due to loyalty spells embedded in her core. Under their influence, she was forced to love Zelkyr and follow his orders without question.[8] After their erasure, Cognita stubbornly insisted on following Zelkyr's directives; however, she also began having independent thoughts and started developed desires and wants, such as her own room and money.[9]


Cognita was created by the Drake Archmage Zelkyr and is his greatest creation.

She walked Pallass’ walls and fought against the Five Families during one of their invasions of Southern Izril. She helped crush the foothold they established on Pallassian ores and killed two other Archmages in battle herself.[10]


Powers and Abilities[]

As a Sentient-class Golem, Cognita has a personality and emotions. She possesses a vast array of abilities, including enhanced strength that enables her to punch through enchanted ice and a perfect memory.

Being made of Truestone, she can become any material, including Adamantine and Truegold, though her true power lies in changing into magical rocks that can grant her abilities such as speed equivalent to [Greater Haste] or shooting lasers.[9] Her battle prowess is such that even [Archmages] have fallen to her and her list of confirmed kills is in the thousands.

She has control over Zelkyr's Golems in Wistram and can see, hear and collect information through them. Additionally, she can transfer her consciousness to any of the Golems, even when hundreds of miles away.[11]


  • Cognita has a deep, inflectionless voice.[5]
  • Magnolia once made an offer to buy Cognita, though she refused.[12]
  • During Pisces' stay in Wistram, Cognita passed on to him the theorems entailing the method of animating Golems and giving them sentience, albeit incomplete ones.[13]
  • If she discovers that some mages decided to challenge her to reach the upper floors, Cognita is surprisingly helpful, going so far as to allow them to set a date for the fight and even postpone it in case they would prefer to wait.[6] However, this is most likely due to her confidence that she is able to defeat them, and has displayed hostility to Eldavin, one of the few capable of defeating her.[14]
  • It has been strongly implied that Cognita actually wants people to succeed in beating her and reach the upper floors. She doesn't want to kill the mages and feels sad whenever she has to do it.[6]
  • She is bound to be truthful to the Wistram mages.[15]