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Cognita is a Carved Golem, or rather a Truestone Construct, designed to oversee Wistram Academy and its mages.


Cognita is an eight feet tall golem whose body, consisting of grey stone, has been carved to make her look like an inhumanly perfect woman[1] with a white porcelain face.[2]

When she moves, which she does as gracefully as a dancer,[3] her robes, made of rock as well, ripple, making them appear to be nothing but cloth.[4]

Despite the fact that she consists of stone, it makes the impression that she is a living person made of flesh. Cognita's emerald eyes can blink[2] and her face, while usually impassive, can change, for instance into a smile.[5]


Pisces stated that Cognita is ironically a bad liar, as golems are in general.

Opposed to many people's belief, Cognita can feel passion. Pisces noticed that when he told her of his ambitions, of what might be done with magic that had never been attempted before.[6]

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Cognita was created by the Drake Archmage Zelkyr and is his greatest creation.

She walked Pallass’ walls and fought against the Five Families during one of their invasions of Southern Izril. She helped crush the foothold they established on Pallassian ores and killed two other Archmages in battle herself.[7]


Powers and Abilities[]

She can punch straight through a wall of enchanted ice with ease. She has control over all the other golems in Winstram and it was hinted that she can see, hear and collect information through them.


  • Cognita has a deep, inflectionless voice.[5]
  • Magnolia once offered Wistram to buy her, though to her misfortune Cognita is not for sale.[8]
  • Ceria assumes that Cognita has killed more [Mages] than any other being in the world.[9]
  • During Pisces' stay in Wistram, Cognita passed on to him at one point the theorems entailing the method of animating Golems and giving them sentience, albeit incomplete ones, which Pisces kept improving until he managed to do so to the undead.[10]
  • Cognita terrifies and confuses people. She killed hundreds, possibly thousands, many of them being Wistram mages, and yet is subservient, helpful, and polite. She is a monster to them but doesn't look and act like one.[6]
  • If she discovers that some mages decided to challenge her to reach the upper floors, Cognita is suprisingly helpful, going so far as to allow them to set a date for the fight and even postpone it in case they would prefer to wait.[6]
  • It has been strongly implied that Cognita actually wants people to succeed in beating her and reach the upper floors. She doesn't want to kill the mages and feels sad whenever she has to do it.[6]
  • She is bound to be truthful to the Wistram mages.[11]