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Colfa val Lischelle-Drakle is a former Human that was sired into a Vampire. She is a member of the Drakle Family.


Colfa has a tall, sinuous body with skin as pale as moonlight and hair bordering on white. As it is common for a vampire, she has red pupils and fangs. Moreover, a red rash is running down her right arm.[1]



Despite the drawbacks that come with being a vampire, Colfa likes being one. Colfa was originally a human. She came from a well-known family of [Shepherds], [Beast Tamers], [Herders], and so on, called the Lischelles, who are practically royalty among the faming communities.

When Himilt and she were being in love, he revealed to her that he was a vampire. Afterwards she begged him to turn her into one as well—apparently for years.[2]


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Powers and Abilities[]

After having turned into a vampire, Colfa lost all of her classes. In lieu thereof, she gained other powers, like the ability to dominate people with her vampire gaze. It is most effective on animals, but, due to her being gifted in it, she can even use it on people and control them or make them forget things.[2]


  • Before Colfa married into Himilt's family they were just the Drakles. She insisted, however, on changing it to Lischelle-Drakles, because it sounded better to her.[2]


  • (To Fierre) “Serafierre val Lischelle-Drakle, what is it you have brought into our home?
  • (To Ryoka) “She’s sick! She came back, telling us you’d cured her. Then—she fell sick within hours! She’s barely alive. What did you do?