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Conditions are a function of the System that governs Innworld. They are status effects that a person can gain through many different methods. It is possible to lose conditions through a loss of the class/horror rank that gave them or by curing the disease that the condition represents.


Red Conditions are negative effects that certain individuals receive after going through deep emotional distress[1] / Horror Rank or gaining a red class like [Slave].[2]

Normal conditions can be gained through levelling up in specific classes and typically confer a certain benefit to the user ( like Rabbiteater's [Body: Solar Storage], obtained by levelling up his [Knight] class into [Dawn Knight] ).

Invisible conditions are conditions that hide from the users awareness. The system will typically only notify the user of their existence, by providing a blue notification, after they have been removed. ( Like Yvlon's [Plaguesteel (Minor)] ).

List of Conditions[]


Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Body: Solar Storage]


Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Famous Name] Like the Skill counterpart of the same name, but instead of the Bearer's name gaining fame and attention of different individuals from both good and ill, they only gain the the attention of individuals from the dark side of society, like; [Slavers]. Interlude – Pisces


Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Horrific Laughter] Distort in a scary way the Bearer's laughter.


Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Lesser Insanity] Inflict minor madness on the Bearer.
It can take the form of a second twisted personality that mentally hunts the Bearer.


Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Outcast Humanity] Alter the body of a Human Bearer in a way that it rejects their own Humanity to become something less than Human.


Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Plaguesteel (Minor)]
  • The Bearer becomes a carrier of the Plaguesteel metal plague, which weakens to the breaking point the structural integrity of lesser metal sources like iron, steel, copper, silver, etc, that were in direct contact with the Bearer, by rapidly spawning in less than 40 minutes, magical metal beetles that ate and reproduce from them.
  • Can also infect/infest enchanted metal, even those with Anti-Skill Enchantment.
  • The Bearer can pass a weaker version to a non-metal person which in turn may infect/infest other lesser metal sources, but the magical metal beetles will spawn at a slower rate, and they will be smaller and weaker than that which the Bearer touches.
  • The magical metal beetles reproduce as fast as insects did.
  • The magical metal beetles do not go at the Bearer because they recognize them as the one who can keep spawning them.
  • As this Condition is a Minor one, the Bearer can be cleansed to remove it.
8.59 H
8.22 HE
8.48 H


Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Terrible Hunger] Inflict an extreme, never ending hunger on the Bearer.


Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Wordless Thing] Render the Bearer unable to talk.